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Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities Guest Policies

These policies are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all Guest families. We ask that all Guests and Visitors conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

A referral does not mean that a family is eligible to stay at Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities (ARMHC) or that the family is guaranteed a room at the House. Once the referral process is complete, the House Manager will confirm whether a room is available on the requested arrival date of the potential Guest family, between the hours of 9am - 12noon.

Eligible Families:

The referring social worker or hospital professional must screen referrals considering the following:
  • Must have a child 21 years old or younger who is receiving medical treatment in a local hospital.
  • The patient's home must be at least 50 miles from ARMHC; exceptions may be made for BMT patients.
  • All adults must pass a criminal background check before checking into ARMHC; and a state or federally issued picture identification card is required for all adults at check-in.
  • ARMHC may not house any Guest who has been convicted of child abuse, domestic violence, who is subject of pending or open child abuse or domestic violence case or investigation. If the referring professional has knowledge of any of these instances, a referral to RMH should not be made.
  • Guests must not have been exposed to, or presently have an infectious disease.
  • Housing may be offered to parents/guardians/essential caregivers who will be directly involved with the daily support of the pediatric patient. Divorced or separated parents - a referral should be made for the parent with legal custody.
  • Adoptive and Foster Parents may stay at ARMHC as they are going through the adoption process.

Once a referral has been processed, a House Manager will contact the requesting family with further instructions on how to complete the online background check. After the background check results have been processed and approved, we will contact the requesting family to discuss room availability and the next steps.

Office Hours
8am - 8pm, weekdays
8am - 12noon & 4pm - 8pm, weekends/holidays

Our Gatewood House near Egleston
  • Office Phone: (404)315-1133
  • Emergency Phone: (404)394-1406
  • Shuttle Number: (404) 785-6142

Our Peachtree Dunwoody House near Scottish Rite
  • Office Phone: (404)847-0760
  • Emergency Phone: (404)494-5961
  • Shuttle Number: (404)785-2073
The check-in process for new families typically takes about 20 minutes. All Guests 18 years and older must provide a government issued identification card upon arrival. Only approved Guests will be able to check-in.

Room Use
All Guests must use their guest room daily. Guests who do not use their room daily will forfeit their privilege to stay at ARMHC. There is a maximum limit of 4 heartbeats per guest room, including the patient, if applicable.

Hospital Visitation
Guests are expected to visit their patient child every day. This includes all occupants of a guest room unless hospital regulations forbid visitation. This visit should be for an appropriate amount of time as determined by hospital personnel.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact one of our House Managers at:
Gatewood House near Egleston:
(404)315-1133 ext. 1

Peachtree Dunwoody House across from Scottish Rite:
(404)847-0760 ext. 2

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