Ronald McDonald House Charities – Kansas City (RMHC-KC) Conditions of Stay,

* Cultural and Psychological Safety: RMHC-KC is committed to providing an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. All people on our properties (guest families, visitors, volunteers, staff, vendors, and donors) are expected to act with respect and kindness to all other people at RMHC-KC, at all times. Every person is welcome here, disrespectful and unkind behaviors are not.
* Room Use: RMHC-KC provides one room per patient. If anything prevents you from using your room on a daily basis, we will request that you check-out so that your room may be given to the next family on our waitlist. You will be provided lodging, again, when needed.
* Background Checks: A photo ID is required for everyone 18 and older. All guests must pass a background check, and be clear of felony convictions (some felonies may be eligible for exceptions). All guests must be clear of any crimes or misdemeanors related to assault, sexual offense, or crimes against children, and may not have a pending child abuse investigation or open child abuse/neglect case (no exceptions).
* Supervision: Our houses have many fun places for your child to explore. For their safety, children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult at all times. Any child under 18 years old cannot be left alone at RMHC-KC at any time. This includes siblings and visitors. Staff, volunteers, and other RMHC-KC guests’ cannot provide childcare for any other house guests’ children.
* Infectious Disease: If anyone in your party has symptoms of any contagious illness, please notify staff immediately.
● COVID-19 addendum: All guests are required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and their nose anytime they are outside their guest room, except when actively eating or drinking.
* Physical Safety: Alcohol, illegal substances, and weapons are strictly prohibited on our property. Smoking is not allowed inside any of our buildings and is cause for immediate removal and loss of future eligibility.
● RMHC-KC is not liable for loss, theft, or damage of any personal property. RMHC-KC is not responsible for the safekeeping of guests' personal property. Any abandoned property will be donated.
● On occasion, we may need to enter your room for emergency/maintenance work and/or routine room checks. We reserve the right to enter your room for the health and safety of all RMHC-KC guests.
● To help identify RMHC-KC guests, we ask that anyone over the age of 12 wear a security wristband.
* Family Friendly: Our environment is child- and family-friendly at all times. We do not tolerate any acts of violence, nor do we allow disruptive or threatening words or behaviors. RMHC-KC is also a “hit-free zone.” Child abuse and/or physical punishment (like spanking) will not be tolerated. These actions will result in immediate dismissal from the house. We reserve the right to ask any guest to check out at any time.
* Engagement: Our programs are designed to keep families close to their seriously ill children. It is our expectation that, whenever possible/reasonable, families are actively engaged in their patient’s care.
* Permissions:
● In some instances, RMHC-KC may need to contact your medical team about your stay at the house. Do you grant RMHC-KC staff permission?
* Permissions:
● Do you give staff/volunteers permission to forward incoming calls to your room?
* Support Animals: Service animals that are individually trained to work or perform specific tasks for the benefit of an individual are welcome here.

Note: By receiving this document and checking in to RMHC-KC, you understand that you and the members of your guest party must adhere to the “Conditions of Stay” listed above, and failure to comply may result in loss of eligibility.

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